The Israel Knowledge Management Forum is a registered non-profit organisation that unites all interested parties of KM in Israel. It is committed to being a source of professional knowledge and a network for practitioners of knowledge management in Israel. Forum members are professionals from a wide range of organizations, consultants, academic scholars, knowledge managers, and others, who are interested or involved in knowledge management activities.

The members share knowledge and collaborate in order to promote the study and practice of knowledge management. This is achieved through the yearly conference and timely meetings, shared projects such as the writing of KM books together, on this community website, where all members can write and publish ( and on the Facebook discussion page (


The Israeli Knowledge Management Forum is a Registered Foundation (RF) as a non-profit organization since 2009.


  1. To provide a focus for all those interested in knowledge management in Israel to gather & interact
  2. To be a professional source and network of knowledge on the topic of knowledge management
  3. To promote knowledge management as a formally, known profession
  4. To develop connection with other similar groups internationally


Chairman – Moria Levy
Treasurer – Dror Harel
Lawyer – Jonathan Klinger

Management Team

Avigdor Sharon
Dror Harel
Galit Ganor
Moshe Kleinman

Audit Committee

Benny Sand
Naveh Bahat


The forum's roots are in January 2001 when a group of people who worked in diverse organizations in Israel decided to get together to share knowledge and advance together.  The founder & initiator of the forum is Yigal Chamish, who was the Knowledge Manager at Bezek's Engineering & Planning Division.  The steering committee included Shimon Barak, Knowledge Manager at Amdocs, Yifat Matza from Clalit Medical Services, Chaya Miloh from the Israeli Army and Lori Smadga who was then the Knowledge Manager of Somech-Haiken.

The forum started as grassroots sharing of practitioners and managers within organizations, to enable sharing and learning together.  Over the years until 2009, the forum added members who dealt with knowledge management and studied knowledge management all over Israel.  Holding meetings periodically to join and share what's happening.


Face-to-Face Meetings:  An annual KM Unconference – a full-day of lectures, workshops, meetings and communication. Quarterly events which either take place at a specific organization (lectures and a visit to learn about the KM activities at the hosting organization) or as a web conference session.

Virtual Meetings:  The forum has an internet community for mutual learning, discussion and knowledge sharing at

Academic Collaboration:  The forum invites people from universities to be part of the discussion.  To strengthen the ties between research and the field application in business and organizations.

Special Projects:  To advance topics of special interest for the Knowledge management community.